With Mommy & Mommom

Destoto State Park & Mentone, AL





Mommy at the Edge.

Through the Rocks.


A Small Part of Desoto Falls.



View beside the boardwalk.

Arching Boughs.

Mommom & Me.

Lovely flowers.

Blue Blaze Trail.

Always Happy in the Woods.

Mommom Crosses the Rocks.

Scary Bees.

Mommom Down Below.

Mommom & Me.

Lack at the Foot of the Falls.

Might Fall.

Now That Would Be a Fall.

Mommom & Me.



So in a week I will be heading off to Italy with the Honors Program. I hope to be able to post here some and upload photos about the trip — although I don’t know how dependable internet will be. But I am looking forward to it! I’ve not been able to think much about the upcoming trip due to how busy I have been, but I have been preparing today with some final purchases. Now I’m getting excited…

Last Day – One Baby Crane

Today was the last day of our class and the last day of the month…and we folded paper cranes.

Why would we do something so silly?

We folded these paper cranes so that we could send some to the Oklahoma City National Museum, where many similar cranes are featured or stored in their archives.. These paper cranes are a symbol of hope and peace.

So we all learned how to fold them and wrote a brief message inside.

Dr. Woodworth is sending these to the museum’s archives, a token of our thanks and promise.

I made three paper cranes that day, a big one, a medium, and a tiny one. Per Dr. Woodworth’s advice, the tiny one of mine was sent. I had remarked originally that my cranes made a family: a mommy, a daddy, and a baby! The baby crane is being sent to Oklahoma City, without his mommy and daddy.

And I would like to dedicate the baby crane to the parents whose children were taken away from them on that day, 17 years ago. Never forget.

Oklahoman Hospitality

Dr. Hessler —

Thank you for allowing your class to work with us this year; they are all good writers and their comments were appreciated.

Thank you for being such good friends with Dr. Woodworth, allowing that friendship to overflow into our lives.

Thank you for your ideas, which together with Dr. Woodworth’s, made this class a success.

Thank you for the class time we had together: laughs, discussions, photos.

Thank you for your students, whose kindness in class and on our tour made us feel welcome.

Thank you for coming with us to the Archives, and helping us to see beyond.

Thank you the brilliant, funny, lovely, insightful, creative maps your students made; they were a joy to peruse, to explore, to take home, and to write about.

Thank you for welcoming us to the lovely campus of Oklahoma City University; I enjoyed coming to class, eating in the cafeteria, and exploring the whole place.

Thank you for the opportunity to learn from OKalahoma City, from the things you have learned.

Thank you for helping us to see the beauty and the sorrow.

Thank you for the people we met, your students and people at the memorial.

Thank you for helping us to remember; I know I won’t forget.

Thank you, thank you.